The individual psychology of Alfred Adler

The inferiority complex was the main emphasis of the work provided by Alfred Adler while founding his own school of individual psychology.

Adler an Austrian medical doctor and a psychotherapist focused on the importance of the feelings of inferiority in shaping someone’s happiness.

It all started with one of his first publications: “Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Physical Compensation”.  Adler explains there that when an organ is less performant in the body, all the other parts will try to work together to compensate for this “Inferiority”. Similar to that is our way through this life. We come in here feeling less as we are in a continuous struggle trying to turn our feelings of inferiority into superiority. A process that can never happen without the whole and thus the holistic perception of the theory. Conscious of it or not, all internal and external aspects will always play a role in our ways of evolving throughout this life.

The more we look into it now and notice how evolvement is about balance, about looking to all the aspects of our lives and getting rid of what doesn’t serve us, the more we know it is all connected.

“Adler becomes more and more correct year by year. As the facts come in, they give stronger and stronger support to his image of man” (Miller & Dillman Taylor, 2016, p. 125).

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